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History of Stockings

History of Stockings



What makes a woman’s legs sexier to look at is when it’s covered by a stocking. History of stockings tells us that it may also be synonymous to pantyhose, hold ups or thigh highs. But just the same, stocking refers to hosiery worn by women. It is the general term for a stocking that is used with the aid of a suspender belt. A suspender belt is meant to hold the stockings in place. Thus, it creates a sexier look when worn by women.

A pair of stockings may look just like a pair of socks, only that it’s smoother in texture and finer to the touch. Both may also have a function of keeping the body warm when it’s cold. However, a stocking functions more than that. In fact, when it was first discovered before the 1590’s, a stocking was made of woven cloth. When knitting machines were invented, they were meant for making stockings. Stockings then were made of materials like cotton, silk, linen, or wool.

Stockings have gone a long way in providing warmth for the body. As it evolved through the centuries, stockings still keep the body warm - not only of the women wearing them, but also for the men who heat up when they see sexy women wearing the hosiery. With the changing fashion of the times, the stockings came in tune with every style and fashion that evolved through the years. In the 1920’s, miniskirts became popular. Hemlines of women’s dresses rose above the knees, and the legs were exposed. To leave something to the imagination, the exposed legs were covered with stockings. They were made of sheer and were made of rayon or silk. This became a fashion which made women look sexier.

Pantyhose made its first appearance in the 1940’s when it was worn in film and theater shows. In the 1950’s, continued wear of pantyhose contributed to the decline in the wearing of stockings.



History of Burlesque

History of Burlesque


The word “burlesque” evokes several meanings. Today’s generation may associate the word with something “sexy” or anything sexual, but in truth, it’s far from these in the past. In fact, in the history of burlesque its original meaning which is Italian means “mockery.” It was also used to refer to a series of entertainment that used sketches and what we call nowadays as “cartoons”. It also included mockery and ridicule, and even distortion. Now, that’s far from being sexy or sensuous.

As the years unfolded, burlesque really lived up to its current name. There were stage shows in the mid-1800’s in the United States wherein stars performed on stage. It was called stage burlesque. Dancers did exotic numbers and performances on stage. Some stars got famous because they were so good at burlesque shows. Popular names like Mae West and Fannie Brice of Hollywood started as burlesque stars.

Later, in the 1920’s, the meaning of the word became more provocative and daring. Burlesque became associated with “strip-tease” show. Imagine a sexy lady gyrating on stage, to the tune of sexy background music. At the end of the strip tease, nothing is left to the imagination. You can imagine how the male audiences gaped in awe and thirst as the show progressed and halted. Because it was too vulgar and too provocative, burlesque shows were banned. It went into hiatus for some decades because movies flourished along with the popularity of night clubs. But like history that keeps on repeating itself, it started to resurrect in the 1990’s  and burlesque became popular again. This time however, it had a sexier appeal but just the same, it’s still burlesque.

“A rose by any name would still smell as sweet.” And though burlesque may be called by another name, it would still be burlesque - not mockery or cartoon or distortion as it originally meant – but a dance that can tickle one’s imagination!





Ask any woman if she desires an hourglass figure. Definitely, the answer would be a resounding “yes.” Though modern technology makes having a sexy figure easier to attain, nothing compares when it’s done the natural way. For centuries, ladies have attained the whistle bait figure of a 24 inch-waistline with the aid of a corset. Yes, it’s the secret of women for ages. A corset holds and shapes the torso into a desired shape- specifically the trim and slim shape of a waistline.

Indeed it’s true that ” beauty lies in the eyes of a beholder”, but you can’t deny that a perfectly shaped figure and a slim waistline is definitely an attraction for men. If not, why would women desire to keep their waistline  a perfect 24- or lesser? It’s not about “feeling good” about one’s self alone. It’s about being attractive to men. It’s about feeling sexy- and moving sexy. It’s feeding one’s ego with worthy comments and feelings of sexiness which eventually would make one pretty confident about one’s self.

Kornelia’s Kloset knows the deepest longings of a woman wanting to be sexy and glamorous not just in a man’s eyes, but in everyone’s. It has “the most glamorous hosiery and accessories in the world” because it knows that every woman wants to feel beautiful. You name every woman’s need to be sexy- Kornelia’s Kloset has them. From lingeries to make a woman feel more feminine, to products that would enhance a woman’s figure like body stockings and corsetry, definitely you can find them here.

If you’re the type who wants to have variety in fashion, we have a lot of items you can choose from categorized as classic, luxury, and designer  ranges. We also provide various accessories that would really enhance a woman’s beauty. All these you can find in Kornelia’s Kloset, where fashion is our passion.



Pin-up Girl Clothing


“Better than cheesecake” was how a pin up girl was described several decades back. That accounts for their other name, “cheesecake”. Today’s fashion does not only speak of “cheesecakes”, but “beefcakes” too to describe pin up boys. Times have indeed changed. Pin up girl clothing makes “cheesecakes” hot copies and ideal for pin ups as the name implies. For a more glamorous look, the kind of clothes that a woman should wear should be in style. One need not have lots of money to stay in fashion. You just have to be resourceful and ingenious enough to search for the best website to find out what’s the latest trend.

Pin up girl clothing has tremendously transformed. Times have changed and revolutionized the name even though the vintage look seems more like a real pin up. Although pin ups were dressed and fashioned for poster purposes, the models are now dressed more glamorously and passionately to attract more views and attention. Their clothes include a variety of styles and designs. From cotton sundresses, there are now retro patterns and also classic wiggles. The vintage-inspired clothes are still there. When worn by today’s generation, there’s a blend of the old and the news, creating that classic-modern look which is really stunning.

Pin up girl dresses have definitely changed the way not only how a woman wears her clothes, but also a woman’s attitude towards life. When a woman dresses according to how she wants to look, she is actually empowering herself. She has a variety of clothes to choose from. She can have the option of wearing the classic vintage look, or the trendy modern style. She may in fact accessorize her looks with bags, shoes, hosiery, caps, and other accessories for that real pin up girl glamorous look! Check out our procucts list here at Kornelia’s Kloset for the pin up style that you love the most and indulge yourself!


Vintage Stockings

Vintage Stockings

Anything vintage is either trash – or treasure. If you’re into fashion, you would understand why those who have the passion for fashion adore vintage items. In fact, those who are full of artistry in their system don’t see vintage items as trash. They see them as treasures. If you happen to come across vintage stockings, boy you’re lucky! You just tripped on a priceless find.


Oftentimes, fashion designers combine the vintage with the new. The effect is often electrifying and magical. It’s just like seeing the past become one with the present and you feel like you’re in between. Women in fashion have somehow experienced this feeling. If at present they parade on naked skin and dare to bare their legs, women before put on stockings. Since it’s a fashionable thing of the past, having stockings on is considered sexy. You leave something for the imagination and there lies the mystery.


Fashion changes. Whatever is fashionable now maybe outdated in a few months’ time. But again, artists are made of stuff that’s hard to fathom. Whatever has become a vintage may still be renewed into something fashionable. That’s how creative minds work. Thus, vintage stockings – with suspenders for a sexier look- are now transformed into something fashionable with a little alteration and modification here and there. Just look at the stars and celebrities. They have stockings on – but inspired by vintage fashion. Fashionable stockings are designed with leopards, tigers, holes, and spots that speak of the fashion ion the golden years. Who says these designs are novelty? Nope. They’re vintage-inspired.


Women can have the option of how to stay glamorous. It’s not the question of being young or old. Once you enjoy your feminity, there will be an outside glow that would radiate from within. So, dare to blend the old and the new. You’ll experience magic!

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