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legs eleven

One evening, as the moon climbed higher and a thousand stars lit the sky, a woman leaned out her window and dreamed into
the night …
She had a dream that every woman would feel adored, sexy, and luscious.
She thought of a place where women could find delicious things that would fire their imaginations and bring out that side of     
them which is usually hidden under the everyday, the prosaic, and the mundane.
Inside every woman is a temptress.
Every woman deserves to be appreciated for her unique self.
Kornelia decided that she wanted to provide a place for women to acquire gorgeous sexy lingerie, silky stockings, or a satin corset…
lingerie to celebrate and flatter.
Kornelia’s Kloset is the creation of that dream.  It’s somewhere that secret wishes come to life.
Kornelia is dedicated to bringing you sheer pieces of delight, those hidden secrets that will bring a smile to your lips and a swing
to your hips – whether it’s in the supermarket, the boardroom, the street or the bedroom.
She’s devoted to being of service to your inner self – the hidden self that dreams of being caressed, flattered and accentuated…
without breaking the bank or spending the grocery money …
Kornelia had a dream, and now her dream includes you...



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